About Us

Gooey Digital is a search marketing agency that provides integrated digital marketing services for our clients in the UK and abroad. We take a great deal of pride in the work we do for our clients, and have been lucky enough over the years to work with an array of great people and organisations.

Everything we do is built around high quality content. While digital marketing encompasses an ever increasing and often mind boggling array of tools, channels and devices, people still respond to great content much the same as they always have. If they find it helpful, informative, compelling or amusing, everything else becomes much easier.

We’ve built and written content for websites, penned brilliant blog posts, shot video, crafted landing pages, curated social media feeds, authored press releases and come up with creative SEO campaigns. In each project, we work from the same principle: that nothing happens if the idea behind it isn’t well thought out and executed.

That’s not to say we don’t love and enjoy the technical elements of digital marketing; being a little bit nerdy is an occupational hazard. But from copywriting to search campaigns and charities to corporations, the heart of everything we do is great content and fresh ideas.