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Why Your Business Should Engage With Influencers (And How To Do It)

Influencers. To some, the appeal of these social media celebrities is baffling and ephemeral. The idea that shouty YouTubers can have a bigger and more specialised audience than most primetime TV spots simply doesn’t compute, and isn’t worth thinking about.

This line of thinking has solidified in the wake of the PewDiePie scandals and YouTube’s unfortunate ad placements. These platforms seem scary, and many industry figureheads are willing to bet that ‘influencer marketing’ is a bubble waiting to burst.

However, this is short-sighted. Like any new trend or platform, influencer marketing is simply stuck between flailing infancy and market saturation, and yet to be utilised properly. Here’s how you can ride out the pessimism, avoid the mistakes, and use influencers to their full potential. Continue reading “Why Your Business Should Engage With Influencers (And How To Do It)”

Consumers Love Livestreaming — And You Should Too

The evidence is building that Generations Y and Z really do have no attention span. No, don’t stop reading there; this is important. Video marketers only have a third of a 15 second ad to capture someone’s attention before they skip ahead (assuming you haven’t blocked the ad completely). Millennials are turning away from TV in droves, favouring the curated skippable world of online video. From Twitter to Tinder, instant gratification is the order of the day.

Getting viewers to tune into live TV, rather than watch on demand or skip ahead to the best bits, is an increasingly tricky prospect. There’s little that people have the patience to sit through in its entirety anymore. With that comes potentially massive losses for marketers, who must now battle to become a more intrusive presence, or else find new ways to win attention.

The skyrocketing popularity of livestreaming – often just people broadcasting themselves on webcams – seems baffling in this context. But along with live sports, livestreaming seems to speak to the age of social media, and the need to be the first to react to an event. Live events and streaming sponsorships are fast becoming the most intimate way of connecting with your audience, ditching the traditional news cycle in the process. Continue reading “Consumers Love Livestreaming — And You Should Too”

The Problem With Personalisation And Programmatic Display Advertising

If you’ve ever Googled something off hand and suddenly seen adverts for the same thing on Facebook, or noticed your Amazon searches influencing your recommendations, you’ve seen personalisation in action. The tracking of ‘cookies’ – tiny data files that log the websites you visit – is big business for marketers.

The worlds of personalised ads and programmatic see companies doing constant battle to earmark the perfect customer, and find them the perfect product. Companies are convinced that by distilling down the essence of someone’s browsing and shopping habits, they can appeal to them on a completely different level than picking a broad age or gender demographic.

But is this really true? To twist an old maxim, do people actually want what they know? Or is it advertising’s role to curate, tease and suggest products that the viewer might not ordinarily buy?

Continue reading “The Problem With Personalisation And Programmatic Display Advertising”

Will Adblocking Really Make Marketers More Creative?

How do you make money from a website? It’s a question that’s haunted marketers and content creators alike for years now. Unless you’re selling a physical product, most people aren’t willing to pay for written content or digital services. As a result, it falls to advertisers to make up the cost of hosting millions of users a day.

The portents for online advertising, however, are not good. We all know about the rise of adblocking, but marketers and end users seem to be testing each other’s limits. Desktop adblocking software had been downloaded over 500m times by 2016, while mobile adblocking was also catching up, with almost 420m devices reporting some kind of ad obstruction.

As more and more traffic moves to mobile, where screen real estate is at a premium, things seems to be coming to a head. The question is this: can advertising find a way to be effective and user friendly, or is a different approach to online revenue required?

Continue reading “Will Adblocking Really Make Marketers More Creative?”

Trump: Genius or Fuckwit?

As we leave the period of unending suffering formerly known as 2016, many questions remain unanswered. For the bulk of the continental United States, the main one is “can I freeze myself for four years?”

But the ever pragmatic business community has a different set of questions: what do the likes of Trump’s election victory and Brexit say about the needs and mores of the public? Are they all idiots, and if so, can we take advantage of that?

How can the principles of their successful campaigns be applied to business marketing and brand image? Is it possible or wise for that strength of resolve, personality projection and ignorance of facts and morals to be applied by businesses in any way? Continue reading “Trump: Genius or Fuckwit?”

4 Key Ways To Improve Your Digital Charity Marketing

With the news that 49% of charities lack basic digital skills, organisations risk being left behind in their bid to boost fundraising. With young people particularly receptive to charity appeals through school fundraisers and societies, skipping the digital generation could hamper fundraising for years to come. Here then are just a few suggestions on how charity marketing can integrate new technology and boost fundraising efforts in order to engage people across the spectrum. Continue reading “4 Key Ways To Improve Your Digital Charity Marketing”

Want To Improve Your Blog? Think Like a Journalist

As R.E.M. so nearly sang, everybody blogs. The internet is so saturated with undercooked opinions and overripe prose, it can feel like the proverbial tree falling in the woods. If nobody will read your blog, why put in the effort?

In an age of disposable media, so few people take blogging seriously that the standard has fallen dramatically. A few simple tricks of the trade can elevate you beyond the competition and into internet superstardom (or at least make your business blog a bit tidier). Touch up your Tumblr and wash down your WordPress with these five tips from a trained journalist.

Continue reading “Want To Improve Your Blog? Think Like a Journalist”

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