Become a charity partner with Gooey

We love all of our clients, but none enthuse us quite as much as charities. Any registered charity interested in working with Gooey Digital is more than welcome to a month of free digital marketing consultation, help in whatever you need….and sometimes the occasional biscuit.

There are absolutely no strings attached, we simply believe that it’s important to support the hard work and dedication that so many charities provide. Whether it’s helping to define your SEO strategy, content marketing, social media campaigns or help with paid media activity, we’re here to help you build your shiny new digital future.

From meditation and mindfulness practitioners to a cancer support charity, we’re always looking for partners who fit our ethos: that quality digital marketing and creative content can make a real difference. We know that every penny spent on charity advertising is one not going to research or relief, so we want to help as much as we can.

All you need to do is drop us a message or a quick call, let us know what you need, and leave the rest to us.

Content marketing

Content is king on the internet, and nowhere is this more applicable than charity advertising. Whether it’s a blog post, a series of tweets or some copy for your front page, keeping a consistent and measured tone is crucial.

Together we’ll develop an intimate understanding of your charity’s identity and goals, producing unique content that melds seamlessly with your existing online presence.

SEO for charities

We’ll help you to make your site more search engine friendly, and learn as much as we can to shape your SEO strategy. By working with you, we can help optimise your digital presence to make it as findable, browsable and shareable as possible.

They key to any successful project is to listen, work with you, and deliver successful SEO results that make a tangible difference to your charities aims.

PPC for charities

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is the quickest way to draw clicks, conversions and donations to your website. However it’s very easy to pour money into a PPC campaign with no reward, and that’s not something many charities can afford.

Whether it’s helping you take advantage of one of the many charity grants available, or simply helping you set everything up, we won’t charge you a penny for one off projects.

Social media

Social media can be fun, strange, informative, and at times slightly uncomfortable. But we understand that the tone of voice for a charity can often be a tad more delicate.

The best social media for charities can mean the casual reblogging of Tumblr, the photogenic delights of Instagram or the unrestrained virality of Twitter. Whatever the platform, we’ll provide a safe structure for your social media presence to flourish.

What charities say about us:


“We have a unique relationship with Gooey Digital. They’ve supported us from the very beginning, and their shared passion and dedication has helped turn our dream [providing free prepaid SIMs and handsets to people affected by cancer] into a reality.

They’ve written press releases, taken care of our social media, run competitions and promotions on our behalf, and even built us a new website for free. They’ve been responsive, always available, and most importantly as a cancer charity, it’s important that we trust their judgement in all areas – and we do.”

Blair Papworth, Your simPal