Content Marketing

Daniel M Oppenheimer is a professor of psychology at UCLA in California, and his research paper beautifully sums up the importance of language in digital marketing.

“Consequences of Erudite Vernacular Utilised Irrespective of Necessity:

…or more simply.

The Problems with Using Long Words Needlessly”

Content is the undisputed currency of the Internet. It can be used to educate, inspire, raise awareness, sell a product or tell a brand story. At Gooey Digital we focus on great ideas told through clarity and simplicity.

With research, collaboration and the occasional use of a thesaurus, we will create amazing content that best serves the needs of your business and customers.

Written Content

There are a variety of advantages for producing well-crafted written content. It can be used throughout your website to drive engagement and sales, to creating backlinks for an integrated SEO campaign. By understanding the key requirements of your business, adding plenty of research and oodles of creativity, we will create content that perfectly represents your brand and ambition.

And while it may be unbecoming to admit it, we are very good at what we do. We will go to extraordinarily finicky lengths to make sure we produce the very best work.

Press Releases

While we’re not a traditional PR agency and would never claim to be, we do create Press Releases for our clients as part of an Integrated SEO campaign. The exposure and more importantly the publication of content on well-respected news sites can have a very positive result on SEO metrics.



One hundred million Internet users watch an online video every day. That’s quite a lot. Admittedly, many of these probably feature something fluffy doing something adorable, but there can be absolutely no doubt that online video is an integral part of any successful content marketing strategy, and it’s only going to grow.

If you have hopes and aspirations to grow your brand over the coming years, our video production services can help create the concept, script, filming and editing so customers spend more time interacting with your brand.



While many argue – and often rightly so – that the originality of the humble Infographic has been wearing off for some time, there are still occasions when they can work beautifully well. If the information you’re looking to share is complex or difficult to represent through text, then a well thought out Infographic can really help contribute to your overall digital marketing campaign.

There are no quick fixes when it comes to content marketing. Without high standards and a commitment to quality it can often be difficult to get results. In a landscape where everyone’s clamouring to be heard, it takes creativity to stand out – and that’s exactly what we provide.