Social Media

We all go through life searching for like-minded people. The desire to become part of a community with shared interests and common goals is an intrinsic part of human behaviour that’s been around for millennia. While social media is a relatively new concept, the psychology for wanting to join a group is still very much the same.

At Gooey Digital we focus on building lasting relationships through a structured social media strategy that uses creative ideas and content that resonates with the shared goals of both the community, and your business.

Social media strategy

The foundation of our social media strategy is to understand who your target audience is, why they use social media and what do they want from your social community or business? Just as every organisation is unique, each individual community will want and demand different things.

By collaborating together to help them achieve their goals they will feel good about your brand, and if these goals are aligned with your business objectives, sales and conversions will naturally follow.

Community management

The first thing to do (if not done already) is to provide your community with structure and safety. They should feel at ease, giving them room to grow, learn and contribute in a safe environment.

Our community management services not only regularly post great content, but we focus on the needs of your audience to earn their trust and respect. But often we can’t do this alone, we will need to work with you to ensure that the people who know most about your business (that would be you), are contributing to the conversation and providing your valuable expertise.

Social advertising

We regularly run paid social media campaigns for our clients with a variety of objectives, including community growth and increasing social interaction with your brand.

Often the key to success is advanced targeting that can be based around a customers interests, their behaviour, custom targeting or even lookalike profiles.

The common challenge however is often which platforms to use and the creative idea behind the campaign. They’re the bits we’re really good at.


Social       listening

Social media listening (sometimes referred to as social media monitoring) is the process of identifying and assessing what is being said about a company, individual, product or brand on the Internet.

We use a combination of the latest software and good old-fashioned rummaging to ensure that we always know what is being said about your company. We can then contribute to the conversation whenever it’s needed.

Social media can be incredibly powerful, but it’s important to remember there’s a big difference between an audience and a community. A social community is a two way conversation where people interact, comment and share. They can often be much more complex than simply posting a few tweets and hoping things will happen.

That’s why we take great care to understand the motivations of your community, who they are and what type of content they will naturally want to share.